Programme Poland 3.0 took part in Atlantic Council roundtable at the Three Seas Business Forum, entitled “Th...

Dodano 17 października 2019

Programme Poland 3.0 was invited to the roundtable discussion at the Three Seas Business Forum, entitled “The Digital Three Seas: how to strengthen the collaboration in the digital pillar?

We discussed how can countries in Central and Eastern Europe find new engines of sustained growth through digitalization and digital innovation, what cross-border or regional approaches might be put in place in the framework of the Three Seas Initiative (and the underlying transatlantic support) to ensure that digital, like robust energy security and effective transport links, contributes to the development of the region. We tried to define how can countries of the region amplify their voice about their interests in the digital policy field.

Representatives of the Programme Poland 3.0 presented our cluster-based programme Poland 3.0 and the potential of cluster cooperation.



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